Tumeric & Carrot Seed Clay
Tumeric & Carrot Seed Clay
Tumeric & Carrot Seed Clay

Tumeric & Carrot Seed Clay

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MALT & FIG Tumeric & Carrot Seed Clay Mask is 100% natural , packed full of Vitamin A, B3 & E and enriched with Rhassoul clay and Hemp seed oil.

This is our Mature age clay mask. Rhassoul clay is only found in a valley in the Atlas mountains of Morocco and is full of metallic elements that carry a negative charge. This magnetic energy draws out positively charged toxins and bonds to them so that when you wash the clay away, the toxins purportedly go with it. Compared to other clays, Rhassoul contains larger amounts of calcium, potassium, magnesium, silica, and trace minerals. It also boasts a higher absorption rate, which makes it ideal for detox and cleansing. Its active compounds are quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Research shows that a single use of Rhassoul clay can improve skin firmness by a whopping 24 per cent and skin clarity by 68 per cent. This toxin-free skincare product reduces dryness by as much as 79 per cent and flakiness by 41 per cent. When applied to the skin, it removes dead cells and excess sebum, which are major contributors to acne.

Directions For Use

Wash your face with warm water and soap or a gentle cleanser. This gives the mask a clean start, allowing for better penetration. Open the Clay mask and apply the paste with your fingertips or brush, covering your face except the skin around your eyes. Allow the paste to dry. This is a good time to lie down and relax! Leave on for about 10 mins. Rinse the clay off with warm water. Follow with a rinse of cool water. If you like, finish with MALT & FIGs 100% Rosewater spray.


This mask may tingle! This is nothing to worry about as it is simply penetrating your pores as it dries. If you have ever used AHA's it is a similar feeling. However, if your skin becomes sore or irritated discontinue use immediately!

For external use only. DO NOT use everyday due to the content Retinol. You should use no more than 2 to 3 times a week. Keep away from childrenAvoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Please seek medical advice before using if pregnant, have diabetes or scheduled surgery within 2 weeks. Changing Skin routines can cause initial breakouts as the skin adjusts and impurities are drawn out.

If you find this mask is slightly drying on your skin, we recommend using our Pure 100% Rosewater Mist after your shower or bath.


Aloe barbadensis, Rhassoul Clay, Purified Aqua, Tumeric powder, Daucus carota (carrot seed) oil, Niacinamide (B3), oil, phenoxyethanol, Limnanthes alba (meadowfoam) oil, Hemp seed oil,  Retinol (vitamin A), alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E).  


Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera gel) - Used cosmetically, Aloe Vera Juice can hydrate, exfoliate, nourish, clarify, and revitalize the skin and hair. It helps protect the skin and hair before and after the harmful effects of UV radiation, and it works to repair the damage. It also helps to prevent and diminish the appearance of wrinkles, acne, psoriasis, and dermatitis. It moisturizes without leaving skin and hair with a greasy residue and it helps fade tans and stretch marks.

Tumeric root: Turmeric and especially its most active compound curcumin have many scientifically-proven health benefits. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Oxidative damage is believed to be one of the mechanisms behind aging and many diseases. It involves free radicals, highly reactive molecules with unpaired electrons. 
Free radicals tend to react with important organic substances, such as fatty acids, proteins or DNA. The main reason antioxidants are so beneficial is that they protect your body from free radicals. Curcumin is a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals due to its chemical structure and curcumin boosts the activity of your body’s own antioxidant enzymes. 

Carrot Seed Oil: Carrot seed oil is a type of essential oil. It’s extracted via steam distillation from the seeds of the Daucus carota plant. It is used in cosmetics for anti-aging properties in skin care. Carrot seed essential oil has shown antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. What it doesn’t have are the vitamins and nutrients provided by carrots. 

Hemp Seed Oil: Hemp oil is perfect for most skin types as it can moisturize without clogging your pores. It can even help to balance out oily skin, hydrating it and regulating the skin’s oil production. Dryness can also cause your skin to overproduce oil, which in turn, can stimulate acne. Hemp oil can prevent dry skin without clogging pores. This helps reduce acne that’s caused by excess oil. One of the omega-6 fatty acids that hemp oil contains is gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory while simultaneously encouraging skin growth and new cell generation. This can help to calm inflammation and irritation on the skin, including acne and some conditions like psoriasis, while keeping the skin nourished and moisturized. 

Niacinamide (vitamin B3): Niacinamide, also called nicotinamide, is a form of vitamin B-3, an essential nutrient. Overall, niacinamide can help build proteins in the skin and lock in moisture to prevent environmental damage. Niacinamide helps build keratin, a type of protein that keeps your skin firm and healthy, Minimizes redness and blotchiness, Minimizes pore appearance, Regulates oil, Protects against sun damage, Treats hyperpigmentation, Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, Protects against oxidative stress and Treats acne.

Retinol (vitamin A): Retinol is a synthetic derivative of Vitamin-A but falls under a broader category of retinoids. When applied topically this product will convert into retinoic acid through specialized enzymes that are found within the skin. It helps promote cell turnover and prevent the clogging of pores. This will help defend against blemishes, as well as improve the way your skincare products penetrate your skin. In addition, it will promote your overall skincare routine and maximize results. Retinol can make your skin look and feel softer, smoother, and have a radiant glow. It will help decrease fine lines and wrinkles while improving collagen production.

alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E): Vitamin E is an important fat-soluble antioxidant and has been in use for more than 50 years in dermatology. It is an important ingredient in many cosmetic products. It protects the skin from various deleterious effects due to solar radiation by acting as a free-radical scavenger. Topical vitamin E has emerged as a popular treatment for a number of skin disorders owing to its antioxidant properties. It has been seen that reactive oxygen species have the ability to alter the biosynthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans in skin. 









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