Blue Tansy Essential Oil - 5mL
Blue Tansy Essential Oil - 5mL
Blue Tansy Essential Oil - 5mL
Blue Tansy Essential Oil - 5mL

Blue Tansy Essential Oil - 5mL

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Blue Tansy Tanacetum annuum

Blue Tansy, also referred to as Moroccan Tansy, is an annual yellow-flowered Mediterranean plant found in northern Morocco. Chamazulene, a chemical component in Blue Tansy, provides the characteristic indigo colour and is recognised for its skin soothing benefits. At the same time, the main chemical component Sabinene helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes. Providing an optimistic aroma, Blue Tansy offers a sweet scent to fill any room, creating an uplifting environment. It’s perfect for massaging into skin with Fractionated Coconut Oil or lotion after a long day of work or intense exercise to aid the body in the natural recovery process.

Primary Benefits

  • Helps reduce the appearance of blemishes.
  • Uplifts mood when used aromatically.
  • Provides a soothing sensation when applied to the skin.

Aromatic Description

  • Fruity, mellow, balsamic

Collection Method

  • Steam distillation of Flower/Leaf/Stem

Main Constituents

  • Sabinene, Chamazulene, p-Cymene, α-Phellandrene, ß-Pinene, Camphor


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. May stain surfaces, fabrics, and skin.


Usage Tips:

  • Add a drop to your favorite moisturizer or cleanser and apply topically to help reduce the appearance of blemishes or to soothe skin irritation.
  • Include one or two drops in lotion for a restoring massage after a stressful day or strenuous workout.
  • For a soothing massage, mix a few drops of Blue Tansy in Fractionated Coconut Oil and combine with a few drops of Lavender or Helichrysum and massage into shoulders and neck.
  • Blue Tansy should not be taken internally.

What Does Blue Tansy Smell Like?

Blue Tansy essential oil has a refreshing, sweet, herbaceous aroma. It calms emotions and promotes a positive mood. Blue Tansy is a key ingredient in doTERRA Balance® Grounding Blend thanks to its ability to help calm tension, stress, and irritability.

Is Blue Tansy Good for the Skin?

Blue Tansy essential oil is a prized ingredient in high-end skincare products thanks to its ability to promote a clear complexion. This is due to the main chemical component of Blue Tansy called Sabinene, which helps diminish the appearance of blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Blue Tansy contains camphor, which is renowned for giving relaxing relief when used on skin. Applied topically, Blue Tansy is soothing after a workout, making it a relaxing addition to a massage lotion.

Where Does Blue Tansy Oil Come From?

doTERRA Blue Tansy is distilled from the flowers, leaves, and stems of the blue tansy plant, an aromatic Mediterranean plant in the daisy family with tiny flowers that grow in tight clusters. Surprisingly, the flowers are not blue but yellow. The oil’s rich blue colour is due to its chamazulene content, which forms during the steam-distillation process. Chamazulene is relaxing and soothing to the skin.

doTERRA Blue Tansy essential oil is sourced in northern Morocco, where the subtropical climate and cooling ocean breezes create the perfect growing conditions for the plant.

Due to Blue Tansy’s dark colour, this oil should be diluted prior to use to ensure it does not stain skin, fabric, or other surfaces.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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