Tips & Tricks

Caring for your Candle

Wick Trimming and Why


If you find your wick is going out constantly, this is usually because the wick is lit or re-lit when it is too high or too low above the surface of the wax.

Wood wicks have capillary flow which allows the right amount of fuel (wax) to draw upwards. If you have too much wick above the surface then the wood is finding it too hard to pull the wax upwards properly. Similarly if your wick is too short, it will clog.

The perfect height is 4.8mm - 6.4mm above the wax surface, so if you aim to trim your wick to 5mm before each burn, this should ensure a long lasting and even burn on your candle.

Other Candle Tips


  1. Make sure to gently remove off any 'ash' or 'burnt wood' along the top edge of the wick and then light as usual.
  2. If you burn the candle for a lengthy period and the flame seems very small, it may be a build up of the ash, so you may need to carefully tap off any excess, then the flame should return to its normal optimal height.
  3. Extinguish the candle when 1.5cm of wax is remaining (or when you see the clip start to show).
  4. We highly encourage recycling, so you can re-purpose your glass container or tin by washing the inside down with warm soapy water.
  5. Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at any one time.
  6. Read and follow the candle safety guidelines found on the bottom of your jar or tin.
  7. Please leave feedback on MALT & FIG webpage if you liked your product as we are trying to grow our message and our brand and your input will help us spread our wings!
  8. Above all else... ENJOY!!!

Using Cold Press Soaps

Reason to switch from body wash (or at least mix it up)


Check out our Blog on Cold pressed Soaps it's honestly super fascinating! In our blog, it explains that most commercial "soaps" are actually just detergents. Soap is something that pulls dirt from within and washes away, while detergents simply wash off the surface grime.

Don't worry - there's nothing wrong with either method, but our soaps unlike many in general stores deliver a 'true soap' that is free of synthetic ingredients and much better for your skin in the long term.

MALT & FIG love making our own soaps because it allows us to move away from the un-natural realm and into the natural one and express a creative outlet of colour and fragrance. The possibilities are endless - so if you have a creation you would like us to try, send me an email

So reasons to change or simply switch it up a bit:

  1. Cold pressed soaps, cost much less per gram than liquid washes. This gives you more product for less money.
  2. They last longer and have more holistic benefits for your skin.
  3. They can hold more essential oils and natural botanical powders or extracts than liquid washes, giving you more benefits
  4. They naturally exfoliate dead skin cells without the need for added exfoliates.
  5. You save money not having to purchase regular luffa, sponges, gloves, mitts and washers that you use with your body washes.

To preserve your soap longer - please don't leave it sitting in a soap dish where water cannot drain off of the soap and pools at the bottom. this will make your soap start to break up and waste.

How to Use Best - We suggest rolling the soap in your hands and using your hands to disperse the soap when you want to use on your face rather than applying the bar directly. This is because the face is quite sensitive and we don't want you exfoliating too hard in that area and causing inflammation. However, feel free to use the bar directly on your body for a gentle natural exfoliation. Please note - some of our bars are very exfoliating and meant to be used this way (ie.. Peppermint Pumice Stone & Lemon Myrtle). Please read the product page for safe use of these ones so you do not damage your Integument.

How to Stay Hydrated - Because real soap draws impurity from within - rather than simply washing the surface - it can be quite drying. That is why MALT & FIG suggest using a moisturiser after each application or using our 100% Rosewater Hydrosol and spritzing yourself with this. Our hydrosol contains glycerine which will create a natural moisture barrier, keeping the rosewater in and pollutants out!