Fragrance Wheel

Founded by Michael Edwards in 1983, the fragrance wheel explains relationships between innate fragrance preference and fragrance families.

Notes next to each other are very similar and strengthen that note, while opposites often compliment and attract.

Oriental Notes

Rich and exotic Fragrances. These consist of essences of exotic herbs and spices such as vanilla, cistus, aldehydes.

Often resins, woods and amber create markedly warm and sensual aromas that can be powdery or dry.

The musk of an oriental fragrance is often opulent and heady which can be otherwise softened with more amber notes.

Playing with the exotic connotations, oriental fragrances can simultaneously feature gourmand properties (which we will discuss below), consisting of tantalizing notes such as vanilla, coffee, cinnamon, anise and even chocolate.

Thanks to their overt powdery and spicy notes, oriental fragrances are often associated with the colder months

Woody Notes

Woody fragrances overall consist of either warm or opulent blends.

Sandalwood and patchouli, while sitting in the cusp of orientals, are among the most common warm notes while cedar or vetiver can be used for a drier finish.

Otherwise, oily resins can be introduced from an exotic heart. Usually, some perfumers will curb the warmth of a woody fragrance with fresh citrus or aromatic head notes.

Fresh Notes

These scents are crisp and light.

They feature outdoor elements that uplift us, like citrus fruits, the ocean, rain and even freshly cut grass.

Citrus fragrances mimic the scent of either the juice, zest or blossom of fruit such as lemon, bergamot, orange, mandarin and grapefruit.

Citrus fragrances are usually fresh and light combined with floral, tart or aromatic notes for fuller accords

Floral Notes

Floral notes are dominated by the scent of flowers.

Single floral notes are capturing the fragrant spirit of a particular flower (soliflore), while floral bouquet combines fragrances of several flowers in a single and harmonious note.

Florals are often powdery or remind us of cut flowers, they can be sweet or much heavier like orange blossom and sweet spices.

Gourmand Notes

A gourmand fragrance is a scent consisting primarily of synthetic edible (gourmand) notes, such as honey, chocolate, vanilla or candy.

These top and middle notes may be blended with non-edible base notes such as patchouli or musk. They have been described as olfactory desserts. They are also called "foodie" fragrances and can be both feminine and masculine.