Q: Why does my wick keep going out?

A: Because candle making is a complex procedure with many extenuating factors, we can not guarantee how a wick will perform in every product we make. While we perform all of the necessary testing, there are occasions where candles simply do not perform as they should. In saying this the most common reason for continual wick's not staying lit is that the wick is too far above the surface of the wax when the candle is initially lit – Solution: Make sure the wick is always trimmed to be no longer than 5mm above the wax. Although this seems counter-intuitive, because you may think a longer wick will make a larger flame - it does not. The longer the wick, the harder it is for the wax to flow up to the top.

Please also read out tips and tricks page to help with proper care for candles and diffusers.

If this does not resolve your issue please contact us at sales@maltandfig.com so we can investigate.

Q: What Reeds do we use?

A: Rattan: Rattan is a naturally renewable palm that grows in diverse forests across Africa and Asia. Incredibly, rattan grows over 2 centimeters per day, therefore it is a completely sustainable product that is environmentally friendly. We choose to use rattan because other reeds such as "Fibre" are made from Polyester, and Polyester is one of the most harmful substances in our environment today.

Q: My Reed diffuser doesnt seem to smell?


1. As Rattan is a completely natural product, performance varies, therefore, please allow up to 24 hours to receive the full consistent scent throw. IT WILL NOT BE IMMEDIATE! - if you have smelt an immediate throw previously in other diffusers this is most likely because your reeds were synthetic Fibre. We choose not to use Fibre as Polyester is detrimental to the environment.

2. If you experience lots of dust at home, particles can get into the oil and clog the reeds so make sure your diffuser bottle is not sitting in an area which is not being regularly cleaned.

3. Temperature can effect whether your fragrance throw is wide or concentrated and this changes each day. Mid temperatures give the best throw, away from wind or air-conditioners. Really hot or cold temperatures will impede the scent throw. I find a bathroom is always the best place for the perfect throw.

4. Regularly flipping your reeds will bring the fragrance back to life. You should aim to flip your reeds at least once a week. More if you like a really strong throw.

Q: Are your fragrances 100% natural?

A: No. While our candle and diffuser fragrances are high-end luxury fragrances of superior quality, they are not 100% natural. Our candle fragrances contain a combination of essential oils (which are 100% natural) and fragrance oils that are formulated for optimum performance in a candle. Please note however that all our fragrances are safe for the environment and for touch.

Q: Why am I seeing curdling or lumps on my candle after buring?

A: Fragrances like vanillas and some florals such as lavenders and geranium are notorious for ‘curdling’ the top of soy candles. We try to eliminate this as much as possible by warming our fragrance oils to reduce vanilla crystallization and pouring at correct temperatures. However, in saying this, the environment and weather you light your candle will effect the drying of your candle. For example if you are in the air-conditioning or in winter and have the heater on, the rapid cooling or heating of your candle after burn will give a different effect from if you were not using any change temperature methods. This curdling, does not effect the quality of the candle and it will still give you a lovely burn and scent throw each and every time.

Q: Why do I see some frosting (white marks) on my wax melts and candles?

A: All soy waxes frost to some degree and is a sign that we are using 100% natural soy wax. It is more noticeable with coloured candles - which we do not use. Some soy waxes have additives to help prevent frosting however if you want a 100% natural product then expect some frosting sooner or later. Frosting does not affect the performance of your candle and is something that you shouldn’t stress over. We try to minimise our frosting by carefully monitoring our pouring and cooling temperatures but the only way to eliminate frosting is to buy a candle or melt that is chemically manufactured and not natural.

Q: What makes your products different than others on the market?

A: Attention to detail, genuine care for consumer satisfaction and an extremely high level of quality and sophistication. Our products are at an affordable price for the highest quality in the marketplace. By supporting MALT & FIG you are contributing to a local trade and helping less advantaged people in other countries by inadvertently donating to their health and well-being. These luxury products are hand made using the highest quality products chosen because of their low carbon footprint and genuine respect for the environment. What makes us truly different is that this company is not created to make money! It is created to satisfy a creative need in its owner and a passion to channel that need to contribute to charities all over the world.

Q: Are discounts available for large orders?

A: Yes. If you have a large order required, please contact us at sales@maltandfig.com and we can discuss quantity required, discounting structure and time-frames.

Q: Do you offer International Shipping?

A: Unfortunately at this time, we cannot offer International Shipping as a regular checkout option. This is simply due to the cost of freight superceeding the cost of products. However, If you have your own courier or would like to discuss freight costs further, please contact us at sales@maltandfig.com.