Hot throw vs. Cold throw

Ann Gammie

You may have heard words like "hot throw" and "cold throw" passed around but not really understand what it means, or how it affects you as a customer...?

Well.... when you first pick up that candle in the store, open that lid and take a great big beautiful yoga like sniff inwards, hoping its filled with aromas and memories of sheer delight and anticipation of that spa like experience........ Or, perhaps instead, leaves you gagging and gasping, retching for air, ready to throw this vile container as far as you can in disgust, crying out to anyone that will listen.... STAY AWAY, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.... This is whats known as "cold throw".

Once you decide you love this new fragrance (or you've bought the vile one as a secret santa surprise for your bothersome co-worker) and you set it alight, waiting for it to fill the space with that same sweet or spicy fragrance..... that is what's known as "hot throw".

It is important to the seller and consumer, because cold throw is usually what you buy the candle for and hot throw is what will make you come back as a loyal customer.

Cold throw is usually strongest at projecting light, sweet, fruity top notes, while hot throw tends to push the heavier base notes – try thinking woody, musky and earthy aromas.

One thing to keep in mind is that everyone experiences fragrance differently!

One person may like really strong scents while others prefer just a hint of fragrance. Also to bear in mind that throw is very subjective to its environment.

If you find your hot throw is too strong, open a window or move your candle, melt or diffuser to a larger area. If you find it is too light, try to close the air off a bit or move your fragrance to a smaller area space.

At MALT & FIG, we try to get the best of both worlds for you by giving you a really well developed cold throw as well as a decent sized hot throw.

However, we do ask our customers to keep in mind (in case you did not know) that a paraffin wax is know to throw fragrance around a room better than 100% soy waxes, but they are simply not environmentally friendly and this is a conscious choice MALT & FIG ask our consumers to make and understand prior to making any comparisons to our products.

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