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  • What's Your Clay Sign?

    Have you ever wondered what all the hype on clays is about, and if they are so great can I simply use any of them? Don't worry you aren't alone and...
  • Common Candle Complaints

    In candle making we are all striving to make “perfect” candles, but when you work with Natural products, mother nature likes to meddle from time to time.

    Here are some common problems you may experience if you are a chandler or home crafter and also some burning experiences you might see if you are a candle loving purchaser.

  • History of Candle Making

    The best known, if not the oldest, history referring to wax is the story of Icarus who used beeswax to saddle his wings and escape, with his father Dédale, from the labyrinth where Minos had locked them up. Unfortunately Icarus did not respect the instructions of his father and approached too near the sun, the wax melted, and Icarus fell down and died at sea
  • Hot throw vs. Cold throw

    You may have heard words like "hot throw" and "cold throw" passed around but not really understand what it means, or how it affects you as a customer...? Cold throw is usually strongest at projecting light, sweet, fruity top notes, while hot throw tends to push the heavier base notes – try thinking woody, musky and earthy notes. One thing to keep in mind is that everyone experiences fragrance differently!